Furry Fiction

Here are the furry stories found here, in no particular order:
Ambria by Narzain - Romance, Science-fiction
A science-fiction story about a man who has to rescue a 50 foot tall anthropormorphic tigress.

And So We Are All Connected by Sichi - Lion King
A short story that shows how the circle of life can work in mysterious ways. Reading Chronicles of the Pridelands first is recommended.

Beavis and Butthead watching "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" by Stahi - Parody, Humor
A parody of Beavis and Butthead watching part of The Lion King.

The Book by Prismo - Fantasy
The number one rule about attics - if you find something old there that looks like it's magical, leave it alone! Two teenage boys learn the hard way what happens, otherwise.

Briendon's First Hunt by Will A. Sanborn
A young rabbit on the verge of adulthood eagerly participates in his first hunt with the other men of his village.

Caged by Gre7g Luterman - Adult, Furry Freedom
A story about a cat-morph who falls in love with a panther at the zoo while she struggles with making it on her own in a society where morphs are still treated as second-class citizens.

Faded Celluloid Dreams by Will A. Sanborn
A human meets an old vampire bat sitting alone in a small diner. A genetically-engineered exotic, cast for roles in Holywood movies, he was once adored by millions, but now is all but forgotten.

Fantasy Games by Allen Kitchen
If a furry universe were real, what would they do for entertainment?

Halloween Cinderella by Bryan Derksen
Another story where a person gets what they wished for, with an unusual twist.

The Head Hunter by Wayne Keisler
A trophy hunter who decides to change.

It's a Wrap! by Sichi - Parody, Humor
A hilarious parody of The Lion King, if it was a live action movie with real actors...

Jesse's Story by Jett Centaur
A first-person story of how the author became a centaur.

Jevenetenna by Chris Wenham - Science-fiction
I don't believe in Destiny,
Or the Guiding hand of fate.
I don't believe in Forever,
Or love as a mystical state.
I don't believe in the Stars or the Planets,
Or Angels watching from above.
But I believe there's a Ghost of a Chance,
We can find someone to love.
And make it last."

Learning to Fly by Will A. Sanborn - Romance
While living on a planet with winged feliniods, a human undergoes an operation to have wings grown on his body.

Once Upon A Halloween by Fox Cutter - Fantasy
A Halloween party goes awry when a demon crashes the party, forcing a local demon hunter into action.

The Satisfied Mind by Will A. Sanborn - Science-fiction, Romance
A human in love with a raccoon femme sadly realizes he must leave her.

Through Your Window by Rye
This is about a werewolf who accidentaly falls in love with a human, well, through his window.

The Truth About Redstone Ridge by Brian Eirik Coe
A veteran of World War II remembers the man who twice saved his life during the war... and finally reveals his lost friend's secret.

The Visitor by Gil "The Great" Ruiz - Lion King, Science-fiction
A science-fiction story written from the standpoint of the Pridelands being on another planet untouched by humans. Except for our hero that is, a mercenary by the name of Cruz who befriends Naline, a lion cub.

The Visitor: Snapshots by Gil "The Great" Ruiz - Lion King, Science-fiction
This sequel to The Visitor covers more tales of Cruz and Naline.

Wings by Todd G. Sutherland - Science-fiction
The story of an anthropomorphic seeing-eye dog, named Faith, looking after a blind boy sometime in the 21st century. Be forewarned, it's not a happy ending, as more than one of its readers report having been moved to tears.

Wishes by Phaedrus
A story about a man who is granted 3 wishes by a genie and instead of choosing something for self-gain, he chooses to be reincarnated as a wolf.

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