And So We Are All Connected

By Sichi

He never felt the actual impact or the hits of the many hooves hitting his body. By the time that took place, his mind was elsewhere. Some lions believed their ancestors were watching them from the stars, some even believed they were the stars, while most just took it as superstition. A few generations ago a lion pride even decided to set their lives according to the wishes of their ancestors, their commands and advice received by the pride's shaman. To some's regret, they had a pretty foolish shaman, so in the end the whole pride starved nearly to death before changing their beliefs to the traditional way. Still, most kept faith in the powers of yesterday.

Fate isn't a god, even less a goddess, it's just a thing beyond our realm of understanding. Fate is actually a pretty bad term for it too, since if it had the properties we give it, it would have near-full control over us, but as such can merely manipulate a few things. Perhaps chance would be the better term.

Mufasa stood in the middle of a sandy desert, nothing alive on the horizon, even less, nothing raised over it at all to anywhere his eye could reach. For a few peaceful moments, the joy of complete ignorance kept him calm, then the memories came rushing back. Strange, he didn't feel dead... Poking himself revealed he didn't feel at all, but still, this wasn't something he would have expected from death. Still partially amnesic, he sat back down in the sand and waited for things in his mind to sort themselves out. A smile came over him as his cubhood and adolescent years came back, his brow frowning just a little bit at some of the more painful ones, but not for more then a few moments. He remembered the day he realized there was more to Sarabi then a playmate, his smile changed to a tiny grin as events a bit after came back. The grin was followed by a proud mur, the lion's head filled with images of himself becoming the ruler of the pride and all those animals, admiring him. But the self esteem boost didn't last long, it was soon taken over by sheer joy as his son was born...

Then he frowned. His brother offended him greatly by not being present at his son's presentation. Fear jumped through him as Zazu brought news of the two cubs in the graveyard, the relief following only the eye of the storm as his last day started. Now he remembered it all.

The lion king was never very aggressive by nature, it took an awful lot to really get him mad. And killing him was one of those things. The thought of himself stuck here while his brother killed his son, then took over the pride, his lionesses, his Sarabi, took them either by choice of force, HIS pride! At that moment, Mufasa felt one of the strongest emotions he ever felt [in life or death]. Anger. Absolute and pure rage. He wanted to KILL his brother, more then that, much much more then that, but logic usually gives way to fury and his anger far surpassed his imagination at that time. But he knew he hated his brother from the bottom of his heart and would have given anything to hurt him.

With that last thought, his form melted away and reappeared itself as a newborn cub, all thoughts and memories but the one of hate gone.

Fate always liked irony.

The small cub meowed quietly at the cold world outside and a young lioness licked his head, then grinned at his mother,

"So `Kase, what will you name him?"

"Since I already chose the first one's name, I think it's only fair to name this one the way his father wants. We'll name him Taka."

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