Through Your Window

By Rye

Rebecca sat crouched in a clearing, her eyes locked on the ground at her feet. She came here often to think, and she needed a quiet place right now. It was the first full moon of her 18th year, and according to tradition she had to find a mate by tomorrow. She was reluctant for a couple of reasons. The foremost being that she loved no one. She never had. And tonight she would have to find someone, or dire consequences would follow.

A twig snapped at the far edge of the clearing. Rebecca turned towards the sound, her neck fur standing on end and her tail twitching in apprehension. She let out a low growl as a human silhouette appeared out of the forest. The human seemed not to notice her, but she stayed on guard nonetheless.

The human cupped his hands around his mouth and called out her name. "Rebecca? Rebecca, are you out here?" She relaxed instantly. "I'm over here, Robert!" Robert turned towards her crouched form and waved. He began moving towards her, and as he walked he shifted to mid-form, which, for him, was a six foot tall cougar. True, many had questioned the value of blending different species into a different pack, such as Rebecca's and Robert's, but with the number of weres worldwide dwindling to only 20,000, it was a necessary measure. No matter what a were's phenotype, they were all in the same boat.

Rebecca came out of her crouch and stood facing him. His green eyes shown down on her, literally glowing in the dark.

"Thinking again, huh?" he asked. "Well, I don't blame you, you need the time."

"I-I've been through it over and over again in my head, and I still can't think of any wolf I could mate with. Out of the three wolves in our pack, I couldn't even consider spending just a single night with one. Tell me if I'm wrong, but could you, if you were in my position."

He smirked. "You're absolutely right. I can't even stand to be around one of them for more than a minute. But in some ways I envy you. I mean, look, you have all of them jumping all over you, not physically, but they find you so attractive they sweat puddles whenever they see a *picture* of you. It's just unlucky that we're the only pack around here. I'm sure that you would have no trouble finding a mate in any other pack but ours."

"Thanks, Robert. You're really nice. But, I still need a mate, and it doesn't look good."

"Here, why don't we go for a walk? It'll keep your mind off all this stuff."

They left the clearing by means of a small dirt path that looked like it hadn't been used in years. As they walked, they exchanged local gossip and just chatted, but Robert made sure that the conversation didn't stray toward things neither of them wanted to talk about. They had been friends for a long time, Rebecca and Robert, and he always wondered if their relationship would've been different if they had been the same species. But being friends with her (and having a small crush) was enough for him.

As they walked through the thickening woods, the conversation stayed it's course, but Robert felt the need to change the face of it. After all, if she didn't get a mate by tomorrow, they would never see each other again, and that would be hard.

"So, um Rebecca," he started timidly with paws clasped behind his back "what are you going to do about getting a mate? I mean, you really only have about 9 more hours until the pack meeting."

"I don't know, I guess I'm not going to find one. It may sound like I'm giving up, but I don't have a clue what to do. Even if someone popped out of the bushes right now, having sex after you just met the person 9 hours ago is a little, well, out there."

"You're right, it is. I'm sorry, you needed time to yourself, and I interrupted. I'm going to go back to my house. Maybe I can catch some sleep before the meeting." Robert turned to walk away, but felt a paw grab his shoulder, and Rebecca's claws accidentally dug into his fur.

"Robert, I really appreciate your coming out here. Thank you." She grinned a toothy smile, but it was the best she could manage at the moment. "It was no problem, really. Rebecca, we may not see each other tomorrow, so I just guess I kinda want to give you a going away present." Robert grabbed her by her shoulders and quickly gave her a kiss, then pulled back. Rebecca, blushing under her fur, returned his kiss with a much deeper one, which turned into a hug. They held each other like that for a while, until Robert broke off, and with a short "Goodbye" walked off into the woods.

Rebecca stood on the path, wondering if she should even bother going to the meeting tomorrow. She continued walking once she had composed herself, aimlessly padding along the path until it came to an end, then even further. After about an hour (by her best guess) she stopped to sit down and lean against a tree. As she did, she noticed a light off to her left somewhere, and she stood to investigate. The light came closer and closer as she walked, but was not moving itself. It was a house. Rebecca didn't know what she expected to find there, but she pushed towards the light nonetheless. After a small incline the side of a house popped up in her face. Towards the back of the house was a lighted window on the first floor. Rebecca peeked her head inside and saw a man in his late teens hunched over his laptop in a decently furnished room. On the walls were an assortment of posters, some of bands (the smashing pumpkins and the foo fighters seemed to be the most numerous), but dominating the rest were three large posters of wolves. Rebecca leaned closer to the window to get a better look, but just as she did the human swung around in his swivel chair and stood up quickly.

"Who's there?" his eyes darted across his room, but Rebecca ducked her head in time. He searched the room until he was satisfied that no one was there, then switched off the computer, hopped in his bed, and turned the lamp off.

Rebecca waited until she was sure he was asleep, then opened the unbolted window. Creeping in on her digitigrade feet, she padded across the carpeted room until she was in reach of the laptop. Turning the chair around, she sat down and switched the computer on.

After a few shots at the windows password (how easy was *WOLF*?) her eyes were greeted by a quaint little drawing of two weres having oral sex. Taken aback, and just a little bit curious, she turned the laptop off and moved to stand. Before she could, a hand grabbed the top of her head and pushed her back into the chair. "Don't move, I have a knife. Just sit tight while I call the police." Rebecca couldn't see well at all, as no light shown in the room, and her half-wolf eyes didn't help at all. Frightened by the chance that the boy might have a knife, she dared not shift into her human form, as he might think she was trying to escape.

"And take that ski mask off so I can get a good…" he stopped in mid-sentence as the desk lamp switched on. "Shit, take that costume off" realizing, even as he said it, that she wasn't wearing a costume. Seated before him was a woman in her late teens. Slender, and a little muscular, she would have been stunning even if she wasn't part wolf.

She gave her assailant a chance to look her over, before she began to explain herself. She sat in the chair sideways so that her tail hung over the opposite side. She placed her dark gray paws in her lap and crossed her legs. Sitting up as straight as possible, she put on the most human look she could muster, and began to explain. *Ahem* she cleared her throat "I was on a walk in the woods, and I saw your house. I was a little bit hungry, so I decided to stop by."

"What, so you could eat me?" Rebecca's face flushed with anger at that comment. *I'm not some goddamn animal* she thought. She hated when people thought of her that way. She had once been human, and in a sense she still was. Her ears flattened and her tail twitched a little, but she kept her cool. "Actually, I was wondering if you could give me something from your kitchen." The boy didn't reply, only shook his head and played with the butterfly knife in his hand. Rebecca didn't dare attack him, as he handled the 5 inch blade like a professional. "I don't believe this. This is so weird." He paused. "No," he looked up at her "it's great! I can't believe this, this is incredible!" He flipped the knife back onto his bed and stared at her with a twinkle in his eye. Then a troubled look crossed his face. "Oh, I'm sorry, the food. You can have anything from the kitchen you want, although I'm not sure I can offer much. I usually just live off delivery." He stepped towards the door, but she didn't follow. "Aren't you coming…? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Scott." He stuck out his hand, and she met it with a furry paw. "I'm Rebecca. Nice to meet you. But don't you think you should put some clothes on before we go to the kitchen?" Robert looked down at his boxers and uttered a quick apology before hopping into the closet to change.

While he hurried to put on his clothes, she moved towards the window. She didn't have time to start a relationship at the moment, although it may have seemed cruel, all she needed was a name for the pack tomorrow. She would just explain to them that he was a new arrival in town, and would bring him to the next pack meeting. That left her at least a month to come up with some story, or to get to know Scott better. So as he finished dressing she made her exit out the window and shifted to lupine form, running off into the woods, in the general direction of her house and a chance at a few hours of sleep before tomorrow.

The pack meeting went smoothly, no one inquired into the previous night to avoid embarrassing her, so she was not forced to lie to her friends. The leader of the pack, who, in previous days had been known as the alpha, was a young otter morph 9 years her elder. She and Kevin got along well, in fact, they had become very close friends in the past year. When she had joined the pack 3 years ago, many of the members had been, well, she had seen friendlier people. But Kevin, at the time a new leader, had the heart to be one of the first ones to reach out to her. She had been traumatized by her recent rape in the woods, and that was only proliferated by her discovery of her morphing powers. Kevin had been there for her, and she hoped that he always would be.

"Hey, Rebecca." The otter morph took a seat on the dirt ground next to her. This pack meeting had been held in the same clearing that she began in last night. "You look a little tired. I hope you weren't out too late last night." A slight grin cracked his face, and she tried to play the innocent. "Why, I don't know what you would mean by that, Kevin. I just don't seem to be quite the night owl, like some other people I know."

"Jesus, lay off, I was just playing with you." Kevin had a bad habit of staying out late clubbing, which, in North Dakota, amounted to about 1 or 2 bars in the small town close by. "I won't bother you about it, it's not my place, I'm sorry."

"Oh, don't worry. I had a great time last night, thanks for asking." A look of surprise crossed the otter's face. "But how…"

"Ah! I will say no more." She cut in. "How was your night?"

"Fine, I actually got to bed before the sun came up. And you?"

"Early enough. Not getting any sleep makes me sick…"

They continued talking about their latest trials and tribulations, as the crowd of about 30 weres in mid form dispersed to their cars or the woods. All of the were required to attend in mid-form, a tradition that everyone honored, as it was the form most felt comfortable in. After a short discussion with Kevin, she began the 7 mile trek back to her house. She owned no car, as she preferred to walk. She was not even sure that she could afford a working car if she wanted to, for she had only a high school education, and was not in a position to obtain the best jobs. After she arrived at her house in homid form, she showered and took a nap until she woke up around 7:00 PM. When she woke, she ordered some Chinese food and watched a movie. It being Saturday, she didn't have to work at her current job, managing the cash register at the local drug store. After it seemed late enough to go out in mid-form, she went to the clearing, then followed her scent from the previous night back to Scott's house, where he was waiting for her.

"You've been waiting?" she asked as she climbed through the window, again in mid-form. She wasn't sure Scott was trustworthy yet, and she didn't want to take the chance of showing him her homid form before she got to know him better.

"Yep. And I have pizza this time. Want a slice?" he gestured to an open pizza box on his desk. "Uh, no thanks. I already had dinner." Rebecca felt a little embarrassed at having left so suddenly in the face of such open hospitality the night before. "I'm really sorry for leaving so abruptly, but I never said anything to you about coming back. How did you know I'd be here?"

"I didn't. I just hoped. You did notice my windows background, didn't you?" How could she forget? She still didn't know the story behind it, so she listened diligently. "And the wolf posters? You haven't pieced it together?" She shook her head. "I want to be, well, like you…"

After a long discussion, Scott had answered all of her questions. As far back as Scott could remember, he had an inner longing to run in the woods, to be a part of a hunt, a pack. He had dreamt, fantasized, written, even drawn what he pictured himself as ever since he knew how. He claimed that he had never wanted anything more.

She was taken aback at all of this. Her experiences as a were had not been the most fun she ever had, especially her rape and the fact that she was suddenly shoved into an entirely different culture and dragged away from her own, all not of her own accord. It was undeniable that it had its ups and downs, but as of yet, she had seen the faces of the latter much more than the former.

"So, tell me your story. How did you come to be like this, and why did you come to my house last night. I really don't think it was food." He waited patiently as she shifted her tail into a comfortable position before she spoke. "To tell the truth, you're right, I didn't come here because I was hungry…"

Her story was the complete opposite of his tale of happiness. She told him all about the pack and her obligation to find a mate. Then about her rape in the woods behind her childhood home, and how she had found out about her morphing powers. Although she took a long time in telling it, Scott seemed not to mind at all. He was on the edge of his seat for the whole story.

After Rebecca had finished, Scott thought to himself "So you need a mate? Hmm…" Then his face broke into a smile. "Why don't I just come to your next pack meeting, then you could tell them all that I was your mate, and that we're deeply in love. Hell, I wouldn't mind at all!"

Rebecca shook her head no. "You can't come. It's required that all members attend in mid-form. We'll have to think of something else."

"So I'll come in mid-form. Why don't you just bite me right here, and we can go tell them all tomorrow?" Rebecca was puzzled until he stuck out his forearm with a gesture inviting her to take a little nibble. She pushed his hand away in disgust. "It's not like that. It's not like the movies the least goddamn bit! How can you say that you want to be like me?" She gestured to herself. "Like this!?" She stared him down even further. "A were raped me, a 15 year old girl, in the woods behind my house!"

"So…, you have to have sex with a were to become a were?" She scowled at that. "You are really thick headed aren't you? Yes, you do, and no, I won't. That isn't an option."

They both faced each other is silence for a time, before Scott broke the stillness with "I-I'm really sorry. That was totally uncalled for." He paused. "But you don't understand. This is like a dream come true. In fact, it is. Ah, screw it. Just forget I even mentioned it."

"I'll try."

Rebecca and Scott met frequently after that night, though Rebecca came out of necessity more than for Scott. In fact, she came to dislike him somewhat, mostly because of his constant and obvious lust for her. This she did not mind. It was the reason he wanted her that made her feel uneasy.

He talked a lot about things to her, both questions about herself and answers to her inquiries. In fact, he almost never spoke about having sex with her after that second night. But the fact that he was thinking it was all too obvious, and this stopped their relationship from becoming what both of them either wanted or needed.

Eventually the weekend of the pack meeting rolled around, and Rebecca found herself with almost the same problems she faced a month ago. After some thinking, she decided the only thing she could do was to go out with him. Maybe they would see someone from the pack, and he could then feign sickness for the meeting. Or, they might get to know, and actually begin to like each other. She hoped for the second occurrence badly, because she actually liked what little Scott had shown of himself to her. If only he could get past his "interests" in her, she was sure that something would click. She hoped the fact that she would go in her human form would help, and she prayed that he wouldn't bring up the topic of what she truly was.

The next night, she asked him out. Somewhat of a turnabout, but he seemed not to mind in the slightest. He said "yes", and Rebecca was presently surprised when she mentioned her human form, and he didn't seem to lose his energy about the whole event. Scott suggested something "low key, like a movie", and they both agreed. She made plans to come to his house around 6:00, where they would both drive to the movie.

Now that the plans were set, she only had to wait for the results…

Scott was in the bathroom freshening up when she rang the doorbell. He had showered, combed and geled his hair, and slapped on the best cologne he had, all in over two hours. He had gone over some situations they might have together, and what he would do. But whatever happened, he was determined to forget what she was for just one night, and try to learn about what she was really like. Then, just maybe, they might learn to like each other.

When Rebecca arrived, Scott was shocked. She looked completely stunning, and he felt humbled in his meager khakis and a T-shirt. "Hi Scott, how's it going?" She asked. "Great. Wanna come inside for a sec, I was just finishing getting ready." She stepped inside, then turned towards the door as a tall man in his mid twenties stepped in. Scott could hardly stop his jaw from dropping open. "What the f…"

"Scott, meet Robert. He's a friend from my pack." She smiled, and Robert stuck out his hand. "Hey, how's it going? Rebecca's told me a lot about you this past month." Scott shook his hand, still in shock. "Rebecca, can I talk to you for a sec?" "Sure, what about?" "Umm, maybe in the next room?" She looked puzzled as he shut the foyer door with a short apology to Robert.

"Rebecca, I thought this was going to be a date, just me and you!" "Well, it's best this way, then you won't have to come to the pack meeting tomorrow, and Robert can attest to your existence for the rest of the pack." Scott's face turned red. "So that's gonna be it, huh? After tonight, we part ways?" "That's what I was thinking, I mean, once the pack knows you exist, I guess I'm ok."

Scott could barely stand it, but he contained himself. He left the room without a word, then headed out and started up the car. Robert and Rebecca, still inside, stood puzzled. "What's with him?" Robert asked. "Did you get him pissed? What did you say?" Rebecca frowned. "I don't understand. I didn't say anything to make him mad." They both looked at him, and he cast them a glance as if to say "C'mon, lets go."

The night proceeded uneventfully. Even though American Werewolf in London was playing, Scott thought that it was way to tacky to see that with her, even if she was going to treat him like trash. So they decided on some Nicholas Cage movie instead. Something about boxing and a murder, but Scott didn't pay much attention. From what he gathered, it sucked anyway.

After the movie, they went out for some dinner at a small corner café. After a nice discussion with Robert, Scott decided that he was an ok guy. From what he could gather, Robert had been a were all of his life. His was a rare case in which one of his ancestors had been a were, and passed it down through the family. It barely ever happened that a child was born with the ability to morph.

Scott was also surprised that even though Robert had been raised in a completely different culture from his own, but he still had respect for Scott's. Most weres hated humans with a passion, but Robert was an exception. Therefore they got along well, oblivious to Rebecca sitting quietly in the corner. She didn't mind at all, though. The more Robert and Scott got to know each other, the less suspicious Robert would be of her when she told him that Scott couldn't attend the meeting the next day. R obert did manage to get her off to the side after dinner, though.

"You know, I really like Scott. You two will be happy together." Rebecca nodded. "Yeah, I remember just last month I was desperate for a mate. I guess we were destined to meet…" Rebecca stopped in mid-sentence. What if they had been destined t o meet each other? What if they were supposed to be together, and she had just been using him the entire time? She suddenly felt sick.

"Is something wrong? You look a little pale Rebecca." "Oh, it-its nothing. Nothing at all. I was just feeling that last slice of pizza hit my stomach." Robert's smirked. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I think I had one too many." He groaned. " Hey, why don't we go back to the table? Scott could be getting a little lonely." As they walked towards the booth where they had left their friend, Rebecca decided that she would apologize to Scott. She had been a total asshole, and she would tell him as much once they dropped Robert off.

They were greeted by a strange sight once back at the table. Someone was seated across from Robert, and they were talking. "Hey, Scott. Who's this?" "Hey Rebecca, meet, um-John. He's a good friend from high school. Rebecca and Robert shook hands with the short, stocky man. He didn't look anywhere close to Scott's age, but Rebecca just chalked that up to stress. She had seen stresses rob people of years of life, and she treated this no differently.

They sat down and chatted a little more, but Scott's friend didn't seem like the talkative type. Robert and Rebecca accepted him nonetheless, as a friend of his was a friend of theirs. After a while, they decided it was time to go. As they exited the booth, Rebecca dropped her purse, and Scott moved to pick it up at the same time as Rebecca. They brushed hands as she retrieved her bag, and she shivered. His hands were ice cold. Rebecca looked up at him, and she saw beads of sweat on his forehead. She almost asked him what was wrong, but she stopped herself. John was sending the both of them a stare, telling them to hurry up. Rebecca was forced to save the question for later.

Once on the street corner, they began the short 2 block walk back to the theatre parking lot. Scott and John walked wordlessly in front, while Rebecca held Robert back. Once she thought them out of earshot, she told Robert what she had seen. "That's a little weird. It's not hot out, and he's wearing a T-shirt. I don't know, maybe he's nervous. He really likes you, you know." Rebecca looked up at him. "He said that? Really?" "Yeah, no joke. Even ask…" They both looked up, but Robert and John had disappeared. They glanced at each other with a look of puzzlement mixed with dread, but then Robert saw something out of the corner of his eye.

He ran into the alley they stood near, and Rebecca followed. In the dim light of a small overhead lamp, they could see John standing over a crouched Scott, holding a knife in his side. John withdrew the knife, and raised it to strike again, but Rob ert was already on top of him, shifting into mid-form. He raised John up by an arm, extended his claws, and drove his right paw through John's middle. He held the attacker there while he coughed up blood, then withdrew his hand and tossed his limp body against the wall. Panting, Robert stood over his body while Rebecca tried to tend to Scott's wounds. Then a small side door which none of them had seen creaked open, and a head peaked out.

"Hey, what's going on out…" The head paused. "What the fuck!?" The manager of the café ducked his head back in, yelling for someone to call the police.

Robert and Rebecca had already started running. Rebecca slung Scott over her shoulder, and tried to catch up with a sprinting cougar morph. Robert couldn't shift back to human form, as he had shredded his clothes when he shifted so suddenly. They ran towards the parking lot as fast as they could, but someone came out of the diner and yelled to them. "Stop, police!" They kept on running, oblivious to their pursuer. "Stop! Stop or I'll shoot!" They were so close to Scott's car. 30 feet, 25, 20, Rebecca hit the unlock button on Scott's car remote. 15, 10, they were almost there. Then Robert stopped. "What are you doing?!" she yelled. "Go on, get in, I'll catch up with you later.

Rebecca tossed Scott in the Jeep's passenger seat, and rolled down the window as she passed Robert. "Meet me back at my house in 1 hour!" Then she sped off.

Robert had no other choice. He would have to stop that policeman, or Rebecca and Scott would be in serious trouble. Robert made up his mind, and turned towards the policeman, growling…

Scott opened his eyes to a starry night sky. He tried to sit up, but a sharp pain in his side sat him back down on the Jeep's back seat. "Don't try to move. That "friend" of yours nailed you pretty bad, and I'm still not sure that the bandaging will hold." At that comment she reached over the driver's seat and tied the bandage a little tighter. He grunted at the pain in his side, but said nothing. Then Rebecca paused and said something Scott had never expected to hear. "Scott, I-I'm sorry. I mean, for, well, I guess I kinda used you. You extended your hospitality to me when we'd just met, and the only thing I could think of you as was a temporary mate. One that I'd dump eventually, and then I'd just go on with my life. I'm sorry, I've been a complete and total jerk."

Scott smiled up at Rebecca with a look of sympathy. "It's alright, just as long as you don't leave." She smiled back. "You know I won't…"

Rebecca slid her foot down to a lever on the seat and she suddenly fell, her lips touching his. He seemed surprised at first, but then relaxed and returned her kiss. As they were locked, she slid on top of him. Scott's side hurt tremendously now, but he didn't pay it any attention, only stayed locked in a kiss with her. Then Scott broke the kiss with "If we're going to do this, shouldn't we go outside?" She nodded and opened the side door, the both of them sliding out together, one on top of the other. Still locked together, they began to undress each other. Scott slid her shirt off her, then her bra, while she undid his shirt buttons and his belt. They both ended completely naked on the dirt ground of the forest, lying beside the Jeep.

Then Rebecca began to change. She knew it was what he wanted, and, actually, she wanted it too. Scott felt the fur growing from her chest, and became erect immediately. Then Rebecca reached a paw down, stroking what little limpness he had left away. Her rough pads felt incredible stroking up and down, and he gasped as she almost pushed him to heat. Then he entered her, softly and gently, and now Rebecca gasped. He moved in and out of her, the chilly autumn air a sharp contrast to that of her insides. Then, at nearly the same time, they entered heat. Scott let out a deep breath as he came into her, and she gasped as she did the same. The feeling of the soft, smooth fur of her breasts stroking his nipples felt incredible, almost indescribable. He loved it.

As they both came down, she lay her head on his chest as he stroked the fur on her back. The cool breezes blowing against the sweat on his body chilled him, but every time they did, Rebecca just snuggled against him tighter, her fur chasing the cold off. Both of them lay there for a while, panting, her head moving up and down as he breathed deep breaths.

Then Rebecca stood. "Scott, I think you should be alone for this part." Scott was puzzled. "But how do I…" "Don't worry", she smiled, "it will happen. Just be patient." With that Rebecca walked into the woods.

Scott waited for what seemed like hours, but nothing happened. He had wrapped a jacket around himself and sat hunched on a tree stump, the blood flowing in and out of his genitals. It didn't strike him as the least bit strange that even thinking about becoming a werewolf made him erect. It was almost as if he wanted it so much that his brain mistook the thought for the act of sex.

Then, after his feet and hands had become almost completely numb, it began to happen. As Scott sat there, he felt a strange warmth come over his body. He looked down at his chest, where it felt the warmest, and in the moonlight he thought he saw, fur. He ran his hands through the thick hair on his chest as it grew, and became erect instantly. He felt like jumping up and down and crying out for joy, but he thought that Rebecca might be watching. As the gray and fur spread down his arms, he couldn't stop himself from rejoicing, so he did. He switched on the lights for his Jeep, and stood in front of them, wanting to get a clearer look at himself.

By now, the fur had spread halfway down his arms, and it completely covered his chest and back. His fingernails had become pointed, and looked a little darker than they normally were. As the fur spread, his muscles tightened, and he could actually see himself getting stronger. Now the fur covered his arms completely, and he had rough pads on his palms and fingers. His nails were now completely claws, and as he examined them he felt like he could rip almost anything to pieces. As he watched his h ands, the fur crawled down towards his now pink penis, and began to crawl up the erect organ, forming a sheath. Now Scott realized that his face was changing, and he rushed to the Jeep to have a better look. When he arrived, he saw that his nose had blackened and that his face had pushed out slightly. His ears began to crawl up his head and become pointed, as his blues eyes darkened to a soft, gold color.

This was the final thing that pushed Scott over the edge. The thought of transforming into a werewolf was just too much for him. He stepped out of the car, hardly able to contain himself. He threw his now fully transformed head back and let out a howl as he came out into the empty air. After he was finished, a loud crack from his feet sent him to his knees, as he looked down at his now digitigrade paws. He was finished.

Scott now stood 5'10", and looked to weigh about 180 lbs (almost all muscle). He had gray fur all over his body, with small spots of lighter fur mixed in. The one thing that seemed to stand out on him was the patch of tan fur on his muzzle, which he examined thoroughly. He came to think of that patch of fur as a "birthmark" of sorts.

Then, almost as if Rebecca had seen the whole thing, she stepped out of the woods right on time. But, when she saw him, she stopped, and gasped. "You, I, you…" a small grin crossed her face. "You look incredible!"

"Thanks. I try my best." "Well, you do a good job then." She paused. "Robert never made it back to my house. I waited for a few hours, but no one came. He died protecting the two of us." "Yes, I know. But I'm sure he would've wanted us to end up like this." She grinned. "Yes I suppose you're right. You know, The pack meeting's tomorrow. You don't have to go, if you don't want to." "Actually, I'm looking forward to meeting some of your friends." She seemed surprised. "Really? Well, then there are a lot of things I have to teach you before we go…"

They continued talking as they got into the Jeep, and drove off, but they both stayed in mid-form as they traveled. Besides, who would notice a pair of werewolves driving a car?

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