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Ever seen The Lion King? Good. Well, have you ever been wanted to know more about the characters? Maybe you wanted to know how Scar got his scar and became so evil (deep down, he's actually a nice and caring guy, er, lion), or how Rafiki spent his childhood (and the politics in his home village), or maybe you think that all the hyenas are evil (they aren't, not even Gur'mekh) and want to know
more about them. Perhaps you'd like to know more about what happened during Scar's reign of the Pridelands where the hyenas walked freely amongst the lionesses?

Well then, you came to the right place. What follows are a collection of works by John Burkitt and
others which are collectively known as the Chronicles of the Pridelands. If you are going to read any stories from this site, I suggest reading these, as they are rather well written for fan fiction.

First, the main tetralogy, these four stories should be read first, in order:

The Legacy of Ahadi
The first story of the series, this covers events starting at Mufasa's and Taka's (Scar's) childhood, proceeds through the events of the movie, and continues up to birth and presentation of Simba's son Tanabi.
The Spirit Quest
This story covers events from before Rafiki's birth, through his childhood and apprecenticeship as the pride's shaman, his time as the pride's shaman, and his teaching of Makaka to be the new shaman.
Shadow of the Makei
Perhaps the darkest story of the tetralogy, this one focusses on the Hyenas and their society as well as the Makei, or evil spirits, and how one of them manipulated both the Hyenas and Scar.
Under the Acacias
The last story of the tetralogy, this one helps to "tie up some loose ends" by going in detail of what happened during Scar's reign as King as well as Togo and Kombi's adventures.

The rest of the stories can be read in any order, as long as the first four have been read:

The Leonid Saga
Perhaps you may have noticed the spiritual references in the previous stories and are curious as to whom Mano and Minshasa are. The Leonid Saga expands upon those with several short stories that talk about the basis of Leonid religion, as told by some of the characters from the tetralogy.
The Change
Sometimes it is possible for things to change for the better. But every change has its consequences...
The Promise
The story of Kako and the pride she came from, as well as Mabatu and Isha after they leave Simba's pride.
Touch of the Nisei
The story of what happened to Elanna after Taka's death.
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