Furry FAQs and other documents

This section has furry documents which are NOT stories in it. You'll find FAQs, documents, etc. here.

Furries! Introduction To Furry Fandom by Unknown
A FAQ of sorts which answers general questions about the furry fandom. If you do not know what the terms "furry" or "anthropomorphic" mean, then please read this document FIRST.

Tips For Convention Goers by Dr. Samuel Conway
Tipping for convention goers. By that, where, how and when one should leave a tip while traveling to and from a convention.

Tips for Congoers on Strict Budgets by Vulpin
Advice and tips for attending a convention when you are on a tight budget.

Musings on Media Coverage of Furries
An essay written by Frampton. It talks about several important issues that furries should consider before talking to the media.

The self-fulfilling prophecy of the Furry Fandom by Pegla
One furs' throughs on some of the negative publicity we've been seeing from sites like Something Awful and Portal of Evil, and what we as a community can do about it.

The Effect of The Lion King by Kovu
An essay, this was written by one fan of The Lion King who explained what a profound effect it had on his life. I include it because this paper helped me discover the wonder of The Lion King, and hence, my own furry tendencies.

Unci's Tail by Unci
Ever wanted to make your own tail but didn't know how? The document gives instructions, complete with pictures.

The Furry Code 1.3 by Ross Smith
If you've ever wondered what the furry codes mean or how to create one, you'll definitely want to read this document.

The Furry Poem by Croc O'Dile
This isn't exactly fiction, but a very good poem that tells what it's like to be a furry

PA-Furry Mailing List FAQ
The Frequently Asked Questions document for the Pennsylvania Furry Mailing list.

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