The self fulfilling prophecy of the furry fandom

(Originally written by Pegla)

For a couple of months complete threads, countless e-mails, and so many chat groups talked about it. Yup, another series is putting the so called Furry Fan dom in a bad spotlight again. We are talking about the episode of CSI 'Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas. Old news don't you think? Indeed, FlayRah (link to the left) wrote an article on CSI so I won't go there. But this has not been the first series to pay attention to the Furry Fan dom, and it won't be the last, and how harder we jump up and down about, the more attention will be payed to it. Yes people, we are talking about 'Self fulfilling prophecies'.

Every fan dom, every sub culture, has its share of hate sites. No matter if we are talking about Goths, Juggalo's, Star Trekkies, Star Wars fans, RPG'ers, Anime fans, or Animal Rights activists, if you are not in the mainstream, you are defined weird, and you or your fan dom shall be portrayed in a negative way in various shows, and you will be discussed and laughed at on websites like Portal Of Evil, Something Awful, or (just copy and paste this link, they don't like to be linked). Why? Because some people have hobbies, one loves making a website about all the oopsies in 7of9's suit in Star Trek Voyager episodes, others like to bash extreme furry sites. And don't let them fool you. A lot of members from the feared Something Awful forums, or many other rant-sites are furries too. Disgruntled as they may be, they still are considered furries. They love to draw anthropomorphic artwork, they love to see it, perhaps they write stories. Heck, they often visit furry themed cons.

Fine, but what can we do about it

I am being honest here: nothing. As long as the internet will prevail, rant-sites will exist. When the internet explodes for some odd reason, they will find another way to rant at people and be pissed off.
But wait, there is something you can do! Perhaps you can stop making such a big deal out of it. Remember that kid who was being teased at school? Why did they tease him? And not the others? I learned from personal experience and from observation from so many others that if you did not made such a big fuss out of it, there chance was bigger that they would stop. Okay, it didn't work for some cases, but in 99% of the times I saw this happening, this method worked.

Stop denying already

Really, I have seen this over and over again. I made the same mistake in the beginning, heck, everyone has been bound to make this mistake. Even this very article is a prime example of it. But it seems I cannot explain this without making an example out of myself.

Let's say you take care of the house while your parents, or friends are on a holiday and they give you a call. They want to know how you are doing, and perhaps their pets. There are a few ways you can respond, let me pick 2 extremes:

Good: "Yup, your dogs are doing fine"

Bad: "Yup, your dogs are doing fine, I did not do anything weird with them"

Both sentences mean the same, the dogs are fine. Only the bad example features a bunch of unnecessary information which will leave the owners of the dog wondering, and in most cases, they will get worried: 'Did not do anything weird with them? What does he mean by weird?'

How often have I seen people telling others that they have plushies, but they do not have a SPH in it. To be honest, I never knew what they meant until I saw the term featured in various flash cartoons on Shawn Kellers' To be honest, I never had the need to find that out, and I would have been perfectly fine without that little piece of information.

Memory span

Do you know what happened 2 episodes ago of CSI? Or ER? I don't, so does a majority of the viewers of those shows. However, if they look on the net for the show title, and you will see hundreds of people stressed out that they are featuring in it and yelling what they are not, you start to focus on the negative things. And if you keep seeing info about it, they will keep remembering it. How many of you remember Free Enterprise? That movie mocks with the Star Trek fandom. But the movie is hardly known these days. Why? Because people saw it, smirked, and moved on. If there were hordes of Trekkie's telling me they are not like that until this day, I would have held them in a much lower regard. Because I know the average Trekkie is not someone who refuses to talk in any other language than Klingon, will break up with his girlfriend over a collectors item or rather buy a new model of the Enterprise-E than to pay for the utilities. I see that movie just like Galaxy Quest as a funny movie. It was funny, and I moved on.


There are a lot of sites out there that post rants about the furry fan dom. True, but if someone asks you what you are doing, then just say what you are doing, and don't spend any time saying what you don't. Because 9 out of 10 times they won't even ask you about that. Why? Because they don't care. Yes, there is a group that loves to take things to an extreme, so do the Trekkies, and so do the Anime fans. Enjoying an episode of Ranma 1/2 does not mean you watch hardcore hentai (don't know what Hentai is? Try looking for it on Google, however I can guarantee you the results won't be very safe for the office environment) . Same goes for furry.

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