Acidfree Albums

NOTE: This section of my website is VERY outdated. I really don't post convention pictures here anymore. Instead, you can find thousands and thousands of them on my Flickr account, located at:


High resolution versions of just about any picture in these albums are available. Furthermore, for every picture I post from an event, there are usually 2 or 3 more that didn't "make the cut". If you'd like either high resolution pictures or the full set, please contact me and I can arrange to send them to you.

Awhile back, I broke down and got a "Pro" account on Flickr. You can find complete sets of pictutes, as well as higher resolution pictures on my Flickr page.

Since Flickr has a much cooler interface than Drupal's Acidfree module has, I will post all new pictures there. I will, however, keep these albums around for historical purposes.

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