Train Dashboards Now Available

I’m pleased to announce that dashboards are now available on train views.

Prior to the introduction of the dashboard, it was difficult to tell if a train was running, what route it was on, and what station it was at. This new dashboard makes use of the “latest” API endpoint described in the previous post to provide a snapshot of the current status of the train.

From the new dashboard, it’s now plainly obvious what the train’s next stop will be, and how late it is. Any train that is 5 or more minutes late gets red text to show that there is something wrong with that train.

What about when a train done with its journey? Previously, there was no easy way to tell that, other than noticing that the graph was no longer updating. I’ve fixed that as well — there is now an informational message displayed when the train data is more than 10 minutes old:

I’ve got more dashboards in the works. Future updates will be posted here. 🙂

Same old URL, same fresh stats!